It is important that we know in advance where you plan to place the inflatable so we can ensure that you have the proper equipment to secure the unit. The units are secured with stakes or sandbags depending on where the unit will be placed, but we only send sandbags when we know in advance that the unit will be placed on a hard surface. The safest and preferred surface is a level grassy area. Our 18 foot tall or higher water slides may only be set up in grass. All of our units may be set up indoors, providing the ceiling height will accommodate the height of the inflatable. Inflatables may also be setup on a level concrete or blacktop area. Setup fees of $25 per inflatable is charged when stakes can not be used (indoor or outdoor), as sandbags must be provided to secure the unit. Inflatables can NOT be set up on sand, rocks/pebbles, un-level surfaces, etc. Please call and speak to a staff member if you have any questions or concerns regarding the placement of the inflatable.
Each inflatable uses one to two blowers to keep it up during your event. Each blower requires a standard 110 electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit to prevent fuses from blowing. Placement of the bounce house needs to be no more than 100 feet from an electrical source. The inflatable requires continuous air supply from the blower, so the blower must stay on while the inflatable is in use. Our units are inspected after each rental. 12/3 Gauge extension cords are provided for each inflatable/blower. Please do not use smaller, household extension cords.
Most pick up reservations are between 8am-10am. We provide written instructions on how to set up your inflatable, operate it during your event (including safety instructions) and how to clean and take down after your party is over. Most inflatables take 15-20 minutes to set up at the event location. The person on the contract must be present at pickup to sign safety rules, contracts and make payment.

Equipment return must occur at or before 8pm unless prior arrangements have been made with our office.

At this time, we only offer delivery services for special circumstances. This must be discussed with our office prior to reserving your event. Delivery fees will apply and payment is expected in full prior to the event date.

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